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Feeling horny but can't make it in to see one of the ladies?

Try our special phone sex option!

Book your appointment, make your payment then we will send you the phone number and confirm your session time.

Please Note:  appointments outside of normal hours may need to be booked in advance.  For any chat session with a specific lady please email or text to confirm the lady is available before making payment.

two minutes $20

five minutes $40

ten minutes $50

fifteen minutes $75

twenty minutes $100

thirty minutes $120

Rock your world with Hot & Steamy chat sessions with Raunchy AngelicaAngelica loves to talk and she especially loves to talk dirty!

Kat is a bubbly blonde kiwi and at only 23 years old has an amazing level of experience in the industry.  Both dominant and sensual, Kat has a lot of naughty stories to tell.

Raunchy wild child Pixie loves being dirty and talking dirty.  Pixie is sensual and enthusiastic as well as experienced in all things kink, plus she can't wait to talk dirty to you!  Also available for Snapchat video calls.


Softly spoken Evelyn has a sweet silky-smooth voice that sounds naughty even when she's not talking dirty.  Evelyn is very descriptive and has a wicked imagination; you'll feel like she's right there with you.  Or even better, she will happily do video call on Snapchat so you can show her your moves!


Sexy Asian lady Nina had an incredibly sexy accent and after her first phone sex experience last week is looking forward to more dirty phone chats.  


If you can't choose, or want us to pick for you, go with the mystery girl option xx

Please contact us for payment options or pay via PayPal below.

ph/text: 0224359122

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