Alexis Crystal and Friends - fantastic

A short review. Saw Alexis earlier this year at their new premises. Nice suburban address. Easy to book, but be aware gents that her hours are limited to usually 5pm I think on weekdays.
As always paperwork is easy and no fuss. Led to room to wait for Alexis. She enters the room and wow, she's literally got a model face and body. She's got legs for days. After the shower she provides a very sensual and soft massage. She's much softer than the other girls and that suited me just fine. Couldn't get enough of her face. She also has quite a gentle voice which is really attractive.
Her body, wow. Did I mention legs for days but also a nice perky arse and bust. Perfect body, couldn't get enough of the whole package.
She definitely made me feel relaxed and it's a shame she only works certain hours otherwise I would see her much more often.Cant believe there are no reviews on
her yet. She's seriously the most beautiful girl I've seen in Auckland for both either fs or sm. Also you get a pretty good service out of it.
- MickyD, 13 May 2019

Hi, can you thank the girls for me, I had a great time I was out of conversation as they (Holly and Sarah) are so young and hot. I was in awe. Thanks

- Leon, 14 March 2019

I had a wonderful hour with Montana today, she is truly a sexy and erotic woman


- Grant, 28 February 2019

Just wanted to say that Sarah was amazing. She looks even better than in the photos.  This was my first time and your whole operation is really clean and professional, which made for a great experience. Will definitely be back.

- Anon, 20 February 2019

Had an outstanding time with Angelica thanks

- Craig, 18 January 2019

Pleasured by Priya

After a complete and utter disaster of a booking in Nelson the previous evening, winging home to Auckland brought the urge to right that wrong.

I remembered that it's been some time since I spent time with the delightful Priya from Crystals. In Auckland, Priya is my SM first-love. I took a punt with her 2 years ago and it proved to be perfect. As time went on I discovered her expertise at prostate massages, both digital and silicon-based. Simply pleasurable!

This morning I made contact and we scheduled an afternoon rendezvous. My disaster is now but a distant memory, such is the pleasure Priya aroused from me. You know that feeling when you reconnect with someone after months between visits? That wonderful feeling where you pick up where you left off, flirting, caressing and arousing...? Yes. That feeling. Got it. In spades.

Priya is not a 'skinny minnie'. She is strong. She's attractive. She's articulate and cheeky. She has one of the firmest butts I've ever encountered. And uses her assets to perfection.

A wonderful hour spent with the angelic Priya's body all over mine; her fingers deeply giving me all that I needed; the finish that started gentle and sensual and then moved to:

"shall I go harder???"


And damn near lifted me off the table!

"Spent" is the kind of word reserved for those times when all has been extracted and movement becomes difficult, even dangerous, for a time. Such I was. Pleasured by Priya in the best possible way.

In a little while, Priya will head away globetrotting. If you're thinking she might suit you, get in quickly.

What a pleasure.

- Bobsled, 16 February 2019

Hi Crystal, just wanted to let you know I had a wonderful time with Jenny yesterday.  She's just gorgeous, very cute and sexy.  Thanks!  I'll be back!

- Mike, 17 Febuary 2019

Please tell Ava that was the best massage I've ever had. I'm so satisfied.

- Ken, 6 February 2019

Sarah was absolutely amazing!!! Best sensual massage hands down!!! Thx for making my first visit so special.

- Lee, 6 January 2019

Nina was awesome, as always, today!

- Don 3 January 2019

Please thank Ava for me she is very sweet  Embarassed

- Chris, 2 January 2019

I saw Priya today and very much enjoyed my time with her. Will see her again.

- Raj, 22 December 2018

Hi Crystal, Vanessa was lovely, a real credit to your business.

- X, 29 November 2018

Hi I just saw Vanessa and once again Crystals ladies are the best. Thank you x

- Anon, 20 November 2018

Nina is magic I'll definitely be back again thx

- Anon, 13 November 2018

Just wanted to say Cassidy was amazing. Thank you so much, I enjoyed the whole experience immensely. I'll definitely be back Smile

- A, 3 November 2018

Mel oh my god 20/20 I didn't want it to end she worked her magic and untied some major knots in my back.

- Zane, 31 October 2018

Thanks.  That was just the most awesome experience.  I will be back.

- Booked a 2-girl milking table experience with Cleo & Kali, 30 October 2018

Heya just wanted to say Vanessa is outstanding at her job. I'm a regular at Perfect Touch and Total Body Bliss; I've seen most of their lady's and have never been that excited before.

Will definitely be back Laughing

- Anon, 17 October 2018

Just wanted to say thank you to Cleo, very nice massage and quality banter. Genuine and personable, just what I was after. Also know what she is doing with her hands and body ;)  Be back soon!

- Tom, 9 October 2018

I just wanted to thank Cleo for a delightful experience. She conducts herself with a sense warmth and cheekiness that is matched by no other. She is a genuinely sweet girl that knows exactly how to push the right buttons with a "Sensual determination". She is very easy to talk to and built an excellent connection almost instantly. Her faultless personality is just the beginning. She has a remarkably attractive body, with an equally attractive face adorned with the most captivating eyes imaginable. I cant speak highly enough about Cleo, 10/10 definitely will be seeing her again. :)

-Ollie, 2 October 2018

Hi .. had my first visit to Crystal's yesterday and saw Alexis..she was really facially attractive..model like which is exactly what I was after.

- Raj, 28 September 2018


Had  really nice time with Angelica. She is a very sweet lady with a great personality. Great service. She made me very comfortable.

Please thank her again for me. I'll sure be back to see her.


- Anon, 26 September, 2018

The experience with Her was amazing.  Kali learned a lot and I would now describe her as one of the best girls ever. Thanks for making this possible.

- Anon, 6 September 2018

Just wanna say Chanel is one of the best masseuses I've seen ever.  Thank her once again for me for staying back please. Will definitely be back :-)

- J, 24 July 2018

Alexis! Wow! Thanks Smile

- Anon, 5 July 2018

Hi Kat, thank you very much.  I'm so happy with the massage - a good massage.  Have a great day, thanks x

- A, 4 July 2018

Alisa is amazing!

- Jase, 1 June 2018

I had a nice time. Cassidy is out of this world beautiful! Thank you.

Great to hear!  I've never had a client not happy with Cassidy xx

I don't doubt that!

- Anon, 29 May 2018

Wow what a massage, forgot how brilliant and beautiful Cassidy is!

-Anon. 5 May 2018

Hi, just wanted to say how amazing Cassidy was today. Some really nice touches on what she does.

- B, 5 April 2018

Visited Nina 4 or 5 times over the last 6 months and have always had a great time.
Crystals place is nicely set up, clean and well run. Expensive, but worth it.
Nina is warm and friendly, makes you feel special and has an absolutely fantastic body.
Most intense orgasms I have had for a long time and the naughty look on Nina's face as she gets you to that point is priceless.

- ontheqt, 20 March 2018

Many thanks to Cassidy, beautiful girl & I had a great time!

- B, 31 January 2018

Can you please thank Cassidy again. She is lovely and looking forward to seeing her again Laughing thanks xx

- X, 22 January 2018

Amazing hands, amazing massage. Thank you Angelica.

- Phil, 7 January 2018

Hi, have had 2 sessions with Nina, beautiful girl, magic hands, relaxing.
- RR, 3 January 2018

Thanks Kat for a great massage, really hit the spot

- Hamish, 30 December 2017

Thank you Priya is a godess the best massage I have ever had will be back next time for 2 hours

- anon, 27 December 2017

Just have to say you have an amazing place there. Nicky was awesome Smile so amazing.

Thank you, I'll pass that on to her x

Thank you again. I will be seeing her again definitely

- Brad, 27 December 2017

Just a quick note to say thank you again for providing such a wonderful service. I spent time with Priya tonight and once again it was sublime.  She is a treasure and I do enjoy seeing her.

- Phil, 30 November 2017

Thanks for that.  Really enjoyed my time with Nicky!  Photo's don't do her justice, she really does have a great body.  Enjoyed her working my hammies, nice firm massage skills.

- Lewis, 26 November 2017

Massage was 12/10 can't wait to see Nina again

- Chris, 23 November 2017

Wow.  AAA1 rating for Nina.  I'll be back.  She was fantastic.

- Anon, 21 November 2017

Thank you for my time with Nina...very enjoyable...i will be back... She is very good...can't wait to do it again.

- Anon, 18 November 2017

Hi had a session with Angelica a few days ago, very nice lady, energetic, chatty and friendly. Highly reccommend Angelica.

- RR, 16 November 2017

Kali is AWESOME. Please pass on my thanks for an intensely pleasurable hour.

- J, 6 November 2017

Hi there...Nina Thank you so much...she was great and relaxing massage. Hope to see her again one day!

Cheers K Wink

- K, 11 October 2107

Hi there

I thought I  would give Angelica a testimonial... after meeting Angelica I was soon at ease, what a great lady, and what a great service, I would definitely like to see her again, magical moment, Martyn

- Martyn, 28 September 2017

Hi just some feedback, Rose was great, Nicky Maree is incredible hottest masseuse I've ever seen, thanks

- booked a training double with Rose & Nicky Maree, Tuesday 26 September 2017

An amazing massage with Kat this afternoon. You've got yourself a regular.

- 20 September 2017

I thought I would feed back of my recent excursion.

So, firstly Crystal's massage. I went in the early evening after work, and it's on a reasonably busy road, but with good street parking, and not too exposed an environment. You have to go down a long driveway past a couple of houses, which is so-so, but I didn't feel too much of a spectacle. The house is lovely, and amenities superb. Lovely shower and bathroom, fresh linen and towels, and warm and dignified. Paid my money up front using EFTPOS, and I'm pleased to say something nondescript came up on my statement.

So, to Jennifer. The pictures do not do her justice. She is very pretty, a lovely well balanced face and smile, and has a definite gym bod - she boxes. She's not petite, tall and languid and lanky. I can't really say more than that, other than she's just very attractive. I like Asian women who have finer features, and I would give her a 9/10. I understand why she has been called as having a demure temperament, but this is not quite right. She's not really demure, it's just she is very measured and thoughtful. She's studying at a tertiary institution, and is no muppet. A very nice chat all around.

Finally, the experience. The massage started as just that, which was not so special, but then she went with the body slides with lot full body and leg-on-leg contact, which I find very sensual. I have never been on a milking table and it was a great treat. She suddenly vanished under the table and well....began milking. Anyway, find out for yourself. I guess I like the visual thing most of all though, we we returned to a more traditional setup. Although she would pick and choose what to offer and to whom, I was offered some extras and the one I would like to comment upon is her kissing. I find kissing very intimate and personal, perhaps more than DATY etc, and she kisses beautifully. There's nothing quite like being finished off with someone else's lips on yours, and this was just great. I'm thinking she gets a bit of fun from being able to reduce a fella to quivering jelly, just by the way she went about it and the eye contact etc.

So I think I've found my new SM place of choice, and I recommend. The price is not cheap, for those who are cost-conscious, and all-up can work out to be as much a GFE punt for an hour at the Rebecca's joint, or something like that. I do think I'll be trying the two girl milking table experience, which I am looking forward to.

TL;DR about as good as an SM can be, without it turning into a FS.

- Mark M, 13 September 2017


Try Nicky Maree there next. She has one of the hottest bodies in the industry! Does a great massage. very soft technique.

- Deadpool, 13 September 2017

Hi Crystal. Just leaving for home now. I have just had a purely delightful and completely enjoyable time with Layla. She really is a beautiful person. Looks, stature, spirit and personality :-) Hang on to her!!! :-D Thank you so much. I will be glowing and smiling all the way back to ***** !! So worth the special trip down here and I will love to come back again.

Thanks also to your receptionist and please accept my apology for forgetting her name. Sorry. (Was quite nervous when I arrived).

- Ian, 7 September 2017

Wow Alexis is amazing I will book longer next time :)

- Jay, 1 September 2017

FYR...Kali was great!

- Brian, 26 August 2017

Visited Priya a couple of weeks ago. What a beautiful lady. Stunning, understanding and very friendly with a lovely quiet manner. Very very enjoyable - I will be back...

-  Jimbo, 31 July 2017

Hi, please tell Nicky I say thank you for a great first SM, she was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed the massage and her company. I'll have to visit her again soon.  Thanks G.

- G, 28 July 2017

Hey thanks so much - Nicky was great. Super sexy girl and very relaxing massage!  See her again soon!! Thanks Mike xo

- Mike, 21 July 2017

thank u that was sweet. 2 lovely girls

- Charlie - 20 July 2017 (booked a double with Alexis & Nicky Maree)

That was exactly what I needed.  Priya is a gem.  Thoroughly enjoyed my time and shall return. 


And thanks also for creating what is obviously a safe space for the ladies and clients.


- Phil, 15 July 2017

You have yourself another keeper Crystal!

What a beautiful sweet young lady Jennifer is!

See you again soon SmileSmileSmile

- John, 17 June 2017

I would just like to thank Crystal for a great massage. Till next time Smile

- 13 June 2017 (therapeutic massage booking)

Hi Crystal - safe  to say I'm 2 from 2 in terms of great times at your place!!

SmileSmile  Kali is a complete honey - that hour just FLEW BY  Cry 

see you next time!

- John, 2 June 2017

That was awesome.....thanks

They are really gorgeous just like super models .. thanks

can I book Sasha for next Friday?

- John, 2 June 2017 (booked a double with Sasha & Alexis)

Hello Crystal and team - I could not let the day pass without letting you know what a fantastic time I had with Priya!

So beautiful so giving - and that BODY!


If the rest of your team comes close to her you may have to lock me out!!

John xxx

- John,  1 June 2017

Kali Thank you so much.

You are beautiful and lovely I had a great massage.

Wow!!! Xox

- 30 May 2017

Thanks Alexis for me was good fun will def try see her again.

Thanks krystal

- 26 May 2017

Dear Priya (Godess!!)

I really enjoyed your time last Friday

Lucky  me!!

I would love to wind my way back to Mt Albert and Grande St sometime if in order!  So I will quietly work away at another trip to Auckland as soon as i can. Please don't disappear.

- Graham, 12 May 2017

Thanks Kat for a great massage really hit the spot

- Hamish, 30 December 2017

Hi just wish to give some feedback on Priya as she gave me a sensual massage on 10 May.

She is good n has sexy figure n nice boobs.

She is very friendly Girl n lovely person as well.

- V J, 10 May 2017

Just got back from my appointment with Racquel.  Wow, what a lovely experience.  Thank you.

- 26 April 2017

Just been recently to Crystal for a 1 hour SM. had tried a few times with bookings so was happy to get a time.
After all her previous reviews was eager to see her as wanted to try out her custom massage table!!
Easy simply communication by text. Discrete location and easy to find. premises very clean and good shower.
She met me at the door wearing a very skimpy bikini and on first impressions shes a beautiful lady and very friendly. Photos are all accurate.
The milking table she has is really worth the visit. At the start of the booking you get a lot of options (all included in the standard price) double shot, one at start and one at end or just one at end etc.
So many options from such a great lady.
Was an explosive a great finish and would return again. highly recommend.

- Wade, 15 February 2017

Visited Crystal for the second time last week (or end of last year - however you want to look at it . It was the first time at her new premises and was very good with the off street parking, private location and nice room with better placement of mirrors.

Massage itself was of the high standard as my previous visit. I took the option of hj before the session with Crystal lying under the table- the aforementioned placement of mirrors came in very handy.

Then on with the great relaxing massage after. Another enjoyable session. Will try to see Crystal again

- throbster, 5 January 2017

Getting a good sensual massage is really hard to get and Crystal is the best. Lovely premises, pictures are accurate and very erotic experience. I didn't go for the glory hole finish I just got her to slide on me till completion.

Service didn't feel rushed this industry has so many time wasters but Crystal blows them away

- foolsgold, 22 December 2016

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